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Volunteer & Open Source


Founder, Lead Organizer

PMX is a volunteer organization that supports a network of groups and events focused on the Chicago tech scene. Product, Marketing, UI/UX Design, and Web Development are combined to create a comprehensive community network of over 10K members. This provides the groups organizers and leaders access to one of the largest software talent pools in Chicago, and gives us the opportunity to provide thought leadership, education, and networking opportunities for our members.

UXD Chicago


UXD Chicago shares our passion for design, innovation, and technology by hosting events that enable you to network, hang out, and learn from a curated list of SME speakers. I have worked with the group for the last three years, and have helped us to grow into the largest design Meetup in Chicago. I help to source sponsors, presenters, and handle event management.

Chicago Tech Rocks

Volunteer, Designer

Chicago Tech Rocks is an organization that supports developing young technology talent within the Chicago community. I volunteered with CTR in 2016, and sponsored with my company ZokuVault in 2017. I designed the organizations branding, helped with the website, and had the opportunity to play with my band.

Pattern Libraries

Open Source

I have two open source pattern libraries that I created to help Sketch and Figma users. This repos contain simple tileable background patterns. Diagonal lines, grids, circles, cross hatching, squares, and dots. The majority of these patterns can be recreated in pure CSS The libraries are downloadable from my GitHub page.

Other Work