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Ennate & Egen Solutions

Head of Design 2017 - 2019

Ennate is the software agency arm and subsidiary of enterprise-focused data engineering parent company Egen Solutions. Egen has served as the technical backbone on some of the most complex data-driven projects for Uptake Technologies, Tempus Labs, and Catterpillar.

As Head of Design I focused on developing several key areas of business business for both companies. I packaged, marketed, and managed design sprints as a service. I worked with our team to craft products for internal and client projects, designed our product management and customer success methodologies, and worked with the sales team to pitch and sell clients.

Design Sprints

One of the first projects I completed for Ennate was packaging and proposing design sprints as a service. We wanted to create a methodology where design thinking was a core deliverable to our client experience. I put together the marketing collateral, statement of work, website landing pages, and a white paper. We sold the service under the moniker ‘One Week PoC Challenge’, and then turned the work from the design sprint into a SOW for the client for our development services.

Cover page of our One Week POC Challenge white paper.

Design Sprints in Action

As a result I lead design sprints for our clients and internal projects to help define feature sets and marketing messaging, build roadmaps, and deliver prototypes.

I developed my experience running and managing the Design Sprints into a presentation, ‘Design Sprint Essentials’, which I have presented at the UXD Chicago Meetup group.

Product Design at Ennate

As Head of Design I participated in work for clients and internal projects. I worked with our design, product, and engineering teams to design and build platform features and applications. I managed product backlogs, and wrote and designed feature specs and acceptance criteria.

Email me for access to the Case Studies document.

Product Case Studies

The Product Case Studies PDF outlines product and design work I participated in while working at Egen and Ennate. If you would like access to the PDF please reach out, and I will provide a password.

Product Management & Service Design

My responsibilities at Ennate also included the creation and implementation of our product management and customer success processes. I spearheaded these efforts on several fronts. The first part of the project was mapping the ideal customer experience using journey maps.

Customer Journey Maps

I created customer journey maps that flow from initial engagement with our marketing and sales team through onboarding, development, and project success. Ennate wanted to create a process that verified the client was able to have the right touchpoint at each part of our experience, so verifying their feedback and success was built into every step.

Agile Development

While creating the customer journey maps, we ended up having a full review of our agile development methodology within the team. We wanted to make sure we were on the same page from sales through delivery on our process and that we had a way to communicate throughout the team (while also staying flexible within our delivery, to account for changes of scope.) The end result of this work was the combination of a development process journey map and Gantt chart, as well as a sprint checking document for the client that insures customer success at each step.

Example Customer Journey Map for Design Sprints.
View all Journey Maps and Gant Charts


Ennate’s parent company, Egen Solutions, had historic issues with projects running over scope and work having to be delivered to clients for free long after the contract's completion date. I made a thorough review and modification of our Service Level Agreement, and Statement of Work contracts and rewrote them to make sure that client success and sign-off was occurring multiple times throughout the agile development process to verify both success and deliverables. We wanted to make sure that we were capturing our work and workflows in an executable (and legally binding) format for our clients. The final result of these efforts was a new company wide Service Level Agreement, and new boiler plate SOWs for all of our major client delivery services.

Other Work